Email Migration Service to Google Apps

This service is about migrating the customer from their existing legacy mail server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange 2003, Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise) to Google Apps Email with the assistance of experienced certified Google Apps Deployment Specialists. The service has variants suitable for small businesses, mid-market and distributed Enterprise customers.
Google Apps logo
Managed transition
Suitability Assessment stage allows go/no go decision
Deployment process allowing staged transition from existing mail-server(s)
User training and change management programs
Ongoing support and education options

Connect with people

Your inbox isn't just about messages, it's about people too. Text, voice, and video chat lets you see who's online and connect instantly. See your contacts' profile photos, recent updates and shared docs next to each email.

Find time with your team

Calendar sharing makes it easy to find time with the people you work with and the smart scheduling feature suggests meeting times that work for everyone.

Share securely

Your docs are stored on the web, so sharing them can be as easy as sending a link. You can make your documents as public or as private as you like and control who can view, comment on and edit each document at any time.